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Septic Systems

Headwaters Construction staffare licensed designers, constructors, and installers of septic systems. We have the ability to design unique systems that will work with virtually any building or lot configuration including residential, commercial and industrial. We also have the ability to obtain Ministry of Environment approval for large scale systems which exceed the building code maximum flow rates.

Our Services Include:
  • Troubleshooting
  • We are experts in the operation and maintenance of septic systems. If you are experiencing problems with sewer/plumbing backups, odours, leakage around the bed or pump system failures, we can investigate the cause of the problem and recommend the most suitable and cost effective solution.

  • Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance of septic systems is important to ensure trouble free operation. We can perform regular inspections, pump out septic tanks, clean tank filters, maintain pump and dispersion systems and maintain treatment systems.

  • Upgrades to Existing Systems
  • We can bring your existing system up to date and prolong its life through the installation of an effluent filter on the septic tank. These filters stop clogging of the pipes from occurring and can extend the life of the bed indefinitely.

  • Replacement
  • We are certified designers and installers of septic bed systems. If your current system requires replacement, we can provide a design to best suit your land area and budget. Abandoned septic systems can be removed and replaced with clean soil to permit whatever land use you require.

  • New System Construction
  • We are certified installers of septic bed systems. Our engineers can design a system to suit any lot size or configuration using the latest technologies approved by the Ontario Building Code. We also have the ability to design large scale systems which exceed the Ontario Building Code design requirements.

Sewer & Water Connections

We are specialized contractors who understand the importance of proper construction procedures to ensure our work is permanent and that all required standards and codes are met.

Our Services Include:
  • Decommissioning of Septic Systems
  • We can remove your existing septic bed and tank and fill the area with clean fill which is suitable for whatever land use you require. The plumbing from the house will also be decommissioned once connections have been made to the new sewer connection or septic tank.

  • Sanitary Sewer Connections
  • Our team has extensive experience installing sanitary sewer connections from the main sewer on your street to the house. Our work includes modifications to your plumbing as required to connect to the new sewer and abandon the lead to your septic tank. We can also replace your existing connection if it has been damaged by tree roots or settlement.

  • Storm Sewer Connections
  • We can install connections from the storm sewer system on your street to connect to your house foundation drains (weepers). This can eliminate the need for a sump pump in your basement which can stop the risk of flooding during a power outage.

  • Water Service Connections
  • We can install a water connection from the watermain on your street to the house and make all required modifications to your plumbing. We can also decommission your existing well or set it up as a back-up system.

Ponds, Streams, Culverts

Our staff has a long history of working on high value properties to establish proper drainage features including ponds, creeks, culverts and ditching. We have working relationships with the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Conservation Authorities and can manage any related fisheries and environmental concerns.

Our Services Include:
  • Tree and Stump Removal
  • We have the equipment and experience to safely remove trees and stumps from your property. All of the waste wood will be hauled away and our staff will make whatever landscape repairs that are required to leave your property in pristine condition.

  • Excavation and Grading
  • We can provide excavation and grading expertise to improve rain water drainage, repair ditching, construct pathways and vehicle driveways, and construct privacy berms.

  • Drainage Pipe
  • We can provide and install drainage pipes to help improve the wet areas of your property or protect existing building foundations and basements.

  • Pond Clean-Outs
  • We are considered experts in the removal of sediment from ponds and rivers and have on-going working relationships with various Conservation Authorities.

  • Culverts
  • We can replace existing damaged or deteriorated culverts or install new culverts to improve drainage.

  • River and Stream Diversions and Maintenance
  • Headwaters Construction staff works regularly with Conservation Authorities to design and permit river and stream diversion work to protect against property loss or to support building construction.


Headwaters Construction is one of the premier landscape construction companies in Ontario and certified installers of an extensive line of retaining wall, slope stability, garden and patio products.

We work with landscape architects on a regular basis and can provide concept and design services to help you visualize the improvements to your property.

We can provide property appraisal consultation to help you understand how landscape improvements can affect the value of your property.

Our Services Include:
  • Retaining Walls
  • We can design and install a wide variety of retaining walls including pre-fabricated and stacked stone. Our work is guaranteed against settlement or shifting.

  • River and Creek Re-alignments and Erosion Protection
  • If you have a river or stream on your property, we can design and install diversions and re-alignments to support landscaping work. We can also install erosion protection to stop the stream from migrating towards buildings or other property features. We can also design and install landscape bridges over streams.

  • Pond clean-outs
  • We can clean out your pond to remove accumulated sediment and organics that have built up over time. Clean-outs help improve the water quality and aesthetics of the pond. For ponds that are regulated by the Conservation Authority, we can prepare design drawings and obtain all the required permits.

  • Pond landscape features
  • Our team can design and construct a wide variety of pond landscape features including shoreline erosion protection, beach construction, and water circulators or fountains.

  • Privacy Berms
  • We can design and construct privacy berms to meet your needs. Our berms are constructed of compacted clean fill material with sides suitable for all types of lawn maintenance equipment. For berms which require town approval, we can prepare design drawings and permit applications.

  • Tree Planting
  • Our staff works with a variety of nurseries and have specialized equipment to install trees and shrubs ensuring good health and proper growing conditions.

  • Tree Removal and Disposal
  • We are equipped to remove all sizes and types of trees to protect your property from damage caused by storms, dead limbs or rodent activity.

  • Drainage ditches and culverts
  • Our team of Engineering staff can design and construct drainage features to accommodate all sizes of run-off areas. We use the latest in drainage design to size your culverts and ditches to ensure that flooding does not occur.

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